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“If anything happens to me, tell my son I tried my best” – Nigerian mum shares cryptic post



A mother has gotten netizens worried on TikTok after sharing a cryptic post about being in danger.

In a sad video, the lady broke down in tears while appealing to netizens that if anything happens to her, people should inform her son that she tried her best.


She wrote:

“Incase anything happens to me tell my son I tried my best????????????.”

Reacting to this, @lucicater said: “Nothing will happen, no situation is permanent. Remember the worst moment u have been thru n u made it, even this one u will make it in Jesus name ????????.”


@kabyrhu mariah???? wrote: “Fight mamaa. It’s never easy but we move regardless. Have strength so that YOU, you will tell ur son of how strong you were and conquered. Hang in thr.”

@kobusingeshallon reacted: “Dont forget that hes still young so he nds much of ur love please its not time to give up,trust in God u will go through it.”

@Bright303018 wrote: “No try leave that innocent child in this lonely and wicked world….be strong you will win the battle ????????????????????.”

@cashtym advised: “Don’t do anything that will hurt your son he loves you remember that no pain is permanent.”