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Market Women Cry For Help As An Official Storm Ilepo Market To Ask Them For Money (Video)




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Recently, a video of a young woman surfaced online trying to collect money from market women at Ilepo, Lagos State. In the video, the woman was seen in a customized shirt saying that she was sent by the President to collect #100 each from the market people.

However, this does not sits well with the market people and someone recorded the incident as they cry out for help.

The video was shared by an Instagram blog page identified as “GossipMillNaija” with the caption below:

“Wahala Be Like Bicycle!!! Market woman cries out to Nigerians for help after this female Official came to their Market saying President Tinubu Asked her to Collect “N100” each from everyone there at ilepo!!!”

To see the video, click HERE.

Nigerians have been reacting to the video from the moment it surfaced online. Below are some of the reactions