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Miracle of Life”- 54-year-old woman becomes mother to triplets after a 21-year wait (Video)



In what can only be described as a miracle, a Nigerian woman has given birth to triplets at the age of 54 after waiting for 21 long years.

The proud mother took to social media to share her joy with the world, and her videos have since gone viral.

The woman, whose identity is yet to be revealed, posted videos of herself heavily pregnant and caring for her newborns after their delivery.

In another clip, she is seen playing with her grown triplets, who are now the apple of her eye.

The videos shared by @yabaleftonline have garnered mixed reactions from the internet community.

Many people have expressed their joy and appreciation for the woman’s persistence and the miracle that God has done in her life.

Others have taken the opportunity to pray for other women who are still waiting for the fruit of the womb.

The woman’s story is an inspiration to many who have lost hope in their quest to become parents.

The miracle of her childbirth is a reminder that anything is possible, and with God, all things are indeed possible.