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Why those who aren’t angry over Nigeria’s current situation should be arrested – Rapper, Erigga



Ace rapper, Erigga says anybody who is living in Nigeria and not angry about the hardship and numerous challenges is keeping a deadly secret.

He said that if the person is comfortable with the situation, then they must be ritualists who are doing something diabolic.

Why those who aren't angry over Nigeria's current situation should be arrested - Rapper, Erigga - erigga 1

The hipsterism Hop act said that the person would be arrested since they got involved in commodity suspicious that made them not to be bothered by what’s passing.

Speaking in a videotape he posted online, Erigga said any happy person must be apprehensive of commodity that everybody differently is unconscious about.

Watch him speak below

In other news, a Michigan woman has made captions due to her act of honesty which assured that a newlywed couple were suitable to recover their misplaced cash.

Diane Gordon who walks nearly three long hauls to work every day for the once time set up a plastic bag containing$,0000 when she was on her way to work, FOX 2 Detroit reports.

She returned the bag of plutocrat said to be the couple’s marriage cash which just laid on the bottom outside a gas station.

Gordon said she had been walking2.7 long hauls to work at VC Fresh Marketplace daily after her auto broke down in February, 2022.

According to the honest woman, when she was walking back home after a shift on January 21, she stopped by a gas station when she noticed a plastic bag with a large quantum of cash in it.

“ I looked down on the ground and set up a plastic bag with a large sum of plutocrat in it. When you turned it over there was indeed further plutocrat. ”

She reported her findings to the police, saying “ This does n’t belong to me. ”

Matthew Ivory of the White Lake Police Department said an disquisition was launched into where the plutocrat came from shortly later, and discovered it belonged to newlyweds.

He added; “ It noway really crossed her mind to do anything other than turn it over. Inside the bag was also marriage cards, these were gifts from a marriage that passed that day. I suppose it was$,780 worth of cash ”.

The police officer explained that after the plutocrat was safely returned to its original possessors, someone in the department set up a GoFundMe to make sure Gordon can get a new auto.

The Lieutenant said; “ Dianne doesn’t have a vehicle, and walks back and forth to VC’s daily, anyhow of the Michigan rudiments, where she works in the deli. She tone actually ‘ demanded the plutocrat ’ and ‘ it would be life- changing ’ for her, but that she did n’t suppose doubly about not turning it in, ” reads the fundraiser, which has formerly surpassed its$,000 thing with over$,000 in donations.

There eventually was set up to be$,780 along with marriage cards in the bag which were the gifts of a recently married couple that day. Dianne is a perfect illustration of integrity and selflessness indeed in her own time of need. We’ll be working with Szott Automotive to get Dianne a vehicle with the finances raised. ”